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Today I woke up very tired, but I do remember waking up 12:30 last night confused. I’m trying to sleep earlier than I have before but boy it is hard now when it is light out.

I also woke up thinking of the sun and how much I miss the sea. I haven’t been swimming in the sea since last year October in Amalfi that was like a quick skinny dipping. I wanna go away in September for a quickie but life is changing and plans are being made. Money needs to be saved and moods need to improve. Tried to rhyme something but eh fail?

Anyhow, yes life is changing for the better. New strategy for current plans, it is scary becoming older and adding stuff to your grown up life.

Sometimes I sit next to Craig and just wonder like what? How did we get to this point? For the last couple of weeks I have been on a dream feeling, I’m realistic so real life does get to me but even then I’m just like naahh I’m good regardless. So a positive approach to life or my daily day has contributed to my moods being more settle and my feelings being more balanced. Food has obviously helped massively with my hormones and hormones do have a huge impact in our moods.

And back to holidays, I have plans for next year already in May because it is bloody expensive to enjoy your culture. But I have two weeks sun holiday soon and it is gonna be LIT. I do wanna go away in September to Barcelona just for a quick stop and quick chill by the beach before it gets too cold. I’m gonna try to squeeze it in and maybe sell some of my soul to the devil.

Ok, I think I need to fix some sort of plan or scheme where I can saved money or travel cheap or something allowing me to see the world more often and different parts of it. Send me ideas please.

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