Midweek thoughts

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I’m sitting on the train on my way to the gym, again? For some reason I have this urge to visit the gym all week, rather twice if I could. I have been tiring myself to the max but it is just odd.

I have been thinking lately a lot about drama, it is funny because drama is chasing me and I’m just running away from it. Months ago I would probably be more prone to it, now I’m just fed up and I can’t be asked to entertain people’s drama. I don’t even care if people want to include me. Leave me ALONE. I start to feel very fed up with people minding my business, having an opinion, bringing up the past and unnecessary shit. Is it just me that is focus on healing? Start from inside and take care of myself and mind my own business? I do that because I understand how rewarding it has been lately for me to have myself as the main focus, nobody else. Me.

Bear in mind that I’m not ignoring people, I just make sure I remove myself from unnecessary drama. Things that aren’t about me. Feelings that aren’t related to me. I make sure I take responsibility and do my part but I won’t entertain it. If I do something wrong, yes I will make sure I take the responsibility and correct any wrongs. At the same time that I don’t have time for ANYONE of you bringing up the past, because I leave you where you belong. Not in my presence or present.

This week though, I have been thrown into all types of drama. Testing my mood, the universe is checking how far I have come in my progress. Every time I find myself repeating old patterns, I’m like nahhhh naahh we not going back. We moving forward.

I think this world has enough of drama. The reason why I get fed up is because this world is up and down, we do not take of ourselves first. We lurk into the others people’s business, that our life can burn down and we wouldn’t notice. And why I’m saying that is because I have been scared, conscious about what people think, how they view me etc.

Today, I don’t give two xxx about what people think about me. Firstly, I’m trying to do my best. Secondly, look at yourself before even trying to help me with my life? Third, none of your business as long as your life and mine included aren’t in danger. If it doesn’t bite, kill your or jeopardised your life in any type of way. LEAVE THAT! People get themselves killed, in problems for adding themselves to things that don’t relate to them.

With that saying, universe have tested me. When you recognise and see the lessons coming your way, it is not negative but worthy lessons for your wellbeing.

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