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I wish I was in a hot country wearing a bikini. Nope, I’m home watching chef lines ? Really? It’s Friday but like I always say: I’m always knackered after working all week. It has been quite quiet at work due to a lot of people being on holiday and kids are on summer holiday. Still it is exhausting. Anyhow, I went for a meditation session after work and felt like I was drugged to the max. Not high, drugged. Once I came home I showered and changed to something comfy and WINE to wind down….

I must say, chilling on your own can actually be very therapeutic. Oh, the smell of wine also remind me of the old times when I used to drink wine just to get drunk. Nostalgia to the highest level. I just think sometimes of those times and it makes me just wonder, what was that? I heal a lot from my time in Sweden and no I wasn’t involved in major traumas but it kinda feels like I drifted off somewhere and wasn’t present for so many years? Or maybe I didn’t just live in the present? Yeah oh well got my answer haha

What does the weekend say? For me, not sure yet. I’m trying to gain back motivation to be social or enjoy social gatherings. It is not that I’m soo introvert I’m just sensitive to certain energies and I like to be met in a very less judgemental way. I know not everyone is judging but I mean people have expectations and expect you to be a certain way. I’m more open now to just take people as they are and not be surprised (even though I have always known, easily happened to be naive and entertain), understand that each person is unique, each person can’t offer you what you want or expect. Just understand that people do same things differently and yes it seems odd but ? Life!

Aaaand I must just say, reason I felt more motivated to just right my through out there (here) is because I can see traffic. I thought why not let it all out, with minus details of my life but enough for you to understand that I’m still a real person with problems every now and then. Lol, I didn’t expect you to think I’m any different to any of you.

We all just the same, struggle in different ways and try to make life worth living. At least I’m trying to. I’m gonna drink my last glass of red wine and bed. Probs watch myself to sleep with FRIENDS on.

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