Patara Thai

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And the weekend is almost over. Onto Monday grind.

Just had some Thai food at Patara Thai in Wimbledon village, their menu is top. Fresh food and good service. Highly recommend.

I had red Thai vegetable curry with rice, and brought some home as the portion is decent. Craig had Pad Thai and that was on point, I just had a bit of prawn as I stopped with sea food a month ago. Food was delicious anyway and I need to go back there again, this was our second time – first time we visited was for a birthday.

Casual dinner date. I’m back home now and gonna snuggle in bed then work tomorrow but I have an exciting program about health I’m gonna try. More about it later when I have start feeling anything and changes in my daily life. It is always good to improve your life in all possible and positive ways. I try to stick to a plant based “diet” and this specific program requieres a very clean one for the body to react in a good way and take the good benefits of it better.

Well well, good night and I hope you all reading this weirdo have a great week ahead. Carnival weekend for us in London, I’m looking forward to some dance and enjoy time with friends. I’m off for holiday after carnival so good summer ending.


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