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I have less than three months before I need to be on my best shape. Rather thick, fit, and healthy. To be honest when it comes to thick, there is only so much thick I can get. I think my biggest size ever was 10? And that was like quite huge different comparing to what I’m now, an small 8. I could gain a few more kilos and I’m fine, really don’t mind having extra meat.

I’m meeting Craig at the gym and I will do a fullbody work out, but I will focus a lot on my back that is killing me. Honestly I crack my back daily, because it is so yes mess up. I always, always train my arms in any type of way and I really recommend that to everyone who feel that their upper body is their weakest part. Every day, 10 push ups, all chin ups you can do at the gym with or without bands. I actually practice chin ups and push ups every day now since Jan 2017. You dont understand that everyday practice leads to greater achievement.

If I have to be honest, I dont think my ass has ever been the way it is now. Before it was just bigger, not shaped, not fit, according to myself. Now it is perkier, hard? (I know), it is stronger and it has giving me such a good feeling to know that hard work pays off.

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