Wednesday – Grateful

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Goood day to be alive. I woke up early and had a good shower and managed to just get ready on time. Taking my time and managed to practice some gratitude in peace.

I find it very useful, all types tools in order to relax the mind before going into action. I have lately waking up earlier than I normally do, I stopped running to the train, I make sure my make up is done at home and not the train. This is huge for me, waking up early and doing all these things and still be on time. I’m not the best with times, or I haven’t been before. Like I have mentioned before I got tired of old habits and slowly trying to remove all things holding me back. Including energies.

And today I’m grateful for:

– Waking up on time this morning and having less stress.

– For my little family in Sweden, keeping them in good health.

– For the love I received every day from my partner.

– For motivation and ambition in my life to move forward.

– For the love I have and continue to have and grow for my fellow people around me.

– For the acceptance of myself at all times.

– For every day learning and trying to improve.

– For having a job.

– For having a functioning body and in good health.

I should write this more often but because I work in an office and spend most of the hours dealing with things in-front of two screens. I’m dead by the time I wanna use my laptop or taking up my phone to fully engage in what I wanna be thankful for. I engage in my healing in other simple ways. For example, I’m trying to respond less and observe. One of the things that I’m really happy to practice more and more.

I wanna wish you guys a good, lovely and lively Wednesday. Weather seems to be better now, and the weekend is showing good signs.

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