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I wish this was my current status.

I think this week has been proper slow, finally it is Friday and after this Friday I’m not back until the 3rd of September.

September is a month that always flies for me, also because I’ always get excited for my birthday. This year, 31 years old my friends. How many of you turning 30 are in panic at the moment? I couldn’t speak at all the day before my 30th, I was like eh didn’t expect to feel like this? Anyhow, that is for you youngsters to find out.

Has becoming 30 made me broody? 100000% I’m more broody than ever, like I have all my baby names ready. Yes, I know.

Anyhow you lovely people who constantly give me this traffic, thank you very much. I’m gonna deal with an email I have looked at for the last 5 hours at work, and I’m like kmt why? Like why? Like whyyy? My eyes are tired now and I can’t wait to have some fresh air. I do like my job but on a Friday just before holidays, not the ONE.

I hope I can find more fun stuff to write about because believe me even I fall asleep to my own post. Fucking hell, like healing there and do YOU HAVE A FUN LIFE AT ALL?

Me: I think healing is quiet fun (painful).

Anyhow lovelies, from everywhere you are at. Have a lovely weekend. I’m gonna leave work, put mu autoreply on – HOLIDAY. But first, date with my man. xx

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