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I think I need to stop going to carnival because every time it ends, it is like an empty space. Wow, ok extra – no but it is quite sad and you just no summer is over and now winter or autumn is coming.

Anywho, I’m now on the train in Stockholm just landed not long ago. Gonna end up spending quite some time here this time and can’t wait to actually do Maria but in Stockholm.

It is actually weird sitting on a train I used to sit on very often when I young. Passing my old station, my best friends station. Central, then out of the city to meet my family. I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do these coming days, but I’m sure I’m gonna make sure I’m recharged and happy back home to London.

Gosh, I didn’t even tell you how fun carnival was. We actually managed for once to be there decent time. Went to the Red Bull “stage” but end up seeing no one because they dragged everyone in early and got us sweating and spending money on drinks for hours. I was sweating like a pig. Too much. Craig, Bella and I lost everyone as soon as we got out of the Red Bull place. We end up meeting everyone by the canal where we actually all started first, we sat on someone canal boat and chill. It was one of the best carnival ever. Monday was very good as well, even better because we was there early it was only Craig and I. I don’t mind, I love to party with Craig and we always have fun. Hmm, I got a bit tooo drunk at some point, I think I screamed I need air and water! I was completely fine after.

Carnival is done and I do get a bit sad around the same time, I did apparently some interviews with people with my flag? Just looked at all the videos on my phone. Wow

Gonna jump off the train, meet my mum, buy some red wine and pizza. Gonna have film night with my parents. Knackered.

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