Red Wine

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I have been drinking all weekend, even before the carnival started. I have weeks like this, when I just love getting a bit juiced with red wine. I bought two organic wines and I must say, they taste lovely. Wow. Think I’m gonna go for organic wine, they do taste lovely. I know they are people saying there are white wines that are lovely as well, for me red is the only type of wine I love. White wine reminds me of everything that went wrong every night out in Stockholm.

I literally drank wine with my mum and chat about life. They chat about my habits and as every day since I was born: well if my last doesn’t kill ya – why cry. My parents hate that about me, that I don’t let anyone think or opinion about my life. I’m very strong with that and when people try to judge me I’m like and what have you done that is so great? Hahaha no but my mum always say; walk on Maria’s toes and she walks all over you. * I put a spell on you * hahaha no but it is nice to be home. I’m laying in my old bed, I bought this bed the first I moved out from my parents and they took it back for my brother. Recycling!

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