BitterSweet feeling

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It is confusing and awful feeling at the same time, bittersweet? I love the idea of being indoors with my family actually, my mum is my rock and I just miss her even though I’m still here. I can’t wait to go back to London and continue with my life, at the same time I feel extremely sad to leave. I do not like Sweden, it has changed or maybe I just opened my eyes more?

Leaving today feel heavy, but I feel more motivated and ambitious to FOCUS hard on myself. On my life, on moving forward and on get that degree out of the bloody way.

Things I need to add more focus to.
– My health, try to stick to a better health. I have been lacking here.
– I’m gonna do more Yoga when I’m back. I did some yesterday with my mum and boy I miss it.
– Study more and consistent.
– Meditate more.
– Focus on being more truthful about myself and when I want things, instead of making people read between the lines. Clear communication.
– Last but not least, be a support and try to be a good human being to my fellow people. Specially my closest human, Craig.

I miss home and miss Craig and miss that life after all.

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