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On Friday, one of my old and good friend Rose waited for me at hers. We chilled for a bit and got to catch up and my other friend Fatma came and we took ourselves out. It was NOT great, but I was in good spirit and I enjoyed seeing the old people from before. It was good.

I always end up taking an uber nowadays or going home to Rose, because I’m scared in Sweden. I think it is TOO dangerous. The things you hear are happening, I can’t help myself. Try to think positive and send light.

Stayed at Rose, and we chilled for the whole day mostly very hangover. We took ourselves out before I needed to head home to my people. And second hand stores is Rose fav thing to enjoy herself with. It is funny because, when I was at her I was saying that I wanted a pair of jeans looking like this and that. Explain exactly what I wanted.
Once we are in the second hand store, I found two pair of jeans that looked just like the dream pair I described. One of the pairs, the ones on the picture above. Love them, £6 and completely new. And hey, look it says GRL POWER.
The other pair was more tight like snake skin but go, boooty. At the same time I don’t even know the size of these jeans, while writing this I still haven’t checked. I bought them came home, washed them. It is just funny how I wanted that, and I went in the store looked at the jeans tried them and boom they fitted extremely good. Another £6, great.

Stockholm Stadsmissionen is an Second Hand store in Sweden, it is actually one of the best ones I know. I used to have one nearby my old tiny flat I once had. Their prices are actually very decent, and this one in Sollentuna was GREAT and staff were very sweet. Believe me I don’t like Swedish service I think it sucks. They are very moody but second hand store staff seem to appreciate more.

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