Back to work!

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I have been listening to Snoh Aalegra for some time but never this closely. She is amazing and I love the fact that the songs makes you wonder around, lyrics and vibes. Anyhow she is coming to London but boy I’m poor after Sweden and carnival. You know when your Monzo account and normal account keeps on sending you messages like hey you running out? What do you guys spend most of your money on? For me it’s socialising or actually just eating.

Now I’m on my way back to work after some time. My wrist is aching for some reason? Could be that I was laying weird, got the biggest and longest snuggle last night by Craig. You know when you have missed your plus?

Our lives are getting busier now and at some times I just like let me enjoy this freedom of just being. Anywho, I’m gonna get myself ready mentally to face work. I have not missed sitting down and look at two screens and eat my breakfast/lunch at my desk. At some times I think office environments aren’t healthy, specially because you forget to even go for a walk. And every time I’m like ok I’m going for a break now – I’m like wait wait let me finish this first. And then the next things comes up. Office world, well I find it quiet fun and stimulating tho. Can’t really complain too much.

Gym today? Not sure because my wrist is aching and my hands are pretty important for most exercises.

I’m gonna wish you guys a good day and keep on being truthful to yourself. Never stop healing, because healing allows us to grow.

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