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The picture has nothing to do with the content, apart from that this post is about shopping.

I wanted to say, I never do shopping anymore but I do, my mum “forced” me to buy a new straightener and I’m scared because it is soo good and I love the idea of getting up early and make my hair nice, like the old times.
It sucks really and when my mum said: why don’t you buy a straightener for occasions? I was like eh, no thanks I could get addicted again. My hair doesnt like the heat as much as my mums hair, her hair is so long and thick? I’m like, are my mothers genes going backwards like Benjamin Button?
Anyhow, a new hair straightener came to my house before I did yesterday. Love it. Can show which on I got later.

What I was going to say is, I’m very lazy with shopping and hate walking around in the city and do “shopping”. I never do, unless I need to? I get too annoyed with the crowd and no. I even buy food online now, I knoooooow. I’m so lazy that I also top up my oyster online, eh? Yes, that lazy.

I used to cuss people who did online food shopping, I was like: don’t you wanna touch your veggies? Now, I’m like I get you girl.. totally do because sometimes it is needed. Sometimes you cannot be asked.

Online shopping for clothing is another thing, I used to be obsessed with it before and remember the times – it makes me sick honestly.
The habit I had of buying and buying, like to fill an empty space maybe? Who else have been there? We all have obsession to fill an empty space? Mine was maybe shopping, others have the need of getting good feedback all the time. Be great otherwise, worlds end. The need and obsession of control, yeah we all have them. Money wise is the worst sometimes, because all you do is work and spend? I don’t think I enjoyed my money on adventures but more so products. Shame!

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