Osteopath Visit

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Jumper from H&M, shoes from eh can’t remember, jeans from Monki (or second hand).

Today’s outfit. I feel like growing older has put into my mind to dress a bit nicer, take care of how I look a bit more. I guess it comes with the age, for me.

I love this sandals, they cost me like £10 sale somewhere. They are comfy and I only used them at work. I like an oversize jumper and a pair of nice jeans with decent heels. Casual Friday they say. I’m glad I can wear whatever I want but also it is not too much if I wear a suit with heels. Why not dress up on a Monday? Makes the week more exciting.

I’m just on my way back to work after visiting my osteopath. I need to go again before I go on holiday. I was so scared to think my back had some problems, until I hear him saying: your back is the best back of the week. Your back is healthy. So really what my problem is how I sit at work. I lean on my left shoulder when I’m reading emails. I lean forward to my two screens. Yeah so basically my back is “suffering” because of my daily movements and posture. So now I need to be very careful and try to amend how I move.

What is on the list for this weekends activities? Well I’m haven’t thought ahora gym for some weeks. I lost plenty of weight in Sweden as my appetite was gone most of the time. So I have just been eating and adding VitB12 to gain my hunger for food again. It helps, my mum gave me very good ones and they work so well. Need to ask for the name of them. Wow surprised now that I think of it. Oh yes weekend, so no gym just chill. And meet some friends on Sunday. Probably rest all weekend, that is my favourite thing to do. NOTHING.

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