Hackney Carnival

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Weekend came and left fast. I wish the weekends were longer. What did you guys do this weekend?

I spent mine very relaxed. I went home to my man on Friday, we were both very tired. Celebrated a 30th party for our good friend during the week, so yeah recover for two days. On Saturday I went over to Lex and met Dionne for some spiritual session. Meaning meditate in the woods, chill, take it easy, resonate life, yeah everything. It was amazing but sometimes it can be overwhelming to meditate because you see things clear that you maybe never thought about. And processing all that is very exhausting sometimes. More about my spiritual sessions another time.

Around 1am I took a cab from Lex. Everyone was gone, sleeping and snoring. I left home and continued to watch my series Working Moms.

I can’t relax properly and have a lot of energy. Like I know now that I probably am very hyperactive. I’m not gonna say I have ADHD because I don’t like labels, I don’t like to be diagnose when I function perfectly. And who said that being hyperactive was something abnormal? Huh? Yeah I find myself having problems with concentration but I have managed to “cure” that with more dedication to how I manage my time. Anyhow, I make shit done – no doubt. I managed to deep sleep after an hour and what a nice seep I had. Dreamt a lot about fudge?

Sunday we drove up to east London to enjoy some carnival vibes. It was such a lovely Sunday, the sun and the air was just perfect. A bit chilly but I was well dressed. London sometimes feel like a different place, exotic and beautiful in some lights.

It was Craig Alexis and I on our way there and we met our other friends there as well.

I was wearing very comfortable clothing. Trainers, jeans, fleece jumper (I know, who doesn’t love fleece jumpers?they are the best), bomber jacket and my lovely bumbag with African prints.

My man!

I had a good weekend with my people. It’s Monday today and my first day back to the gym. I’m a little bit scared, and have no idea o I’m gonna exercise when my wrist is a bit achy? Hm

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