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Steam food is just amazing. I dont really do much steam food but once a week or so. I did steam my plantains and green plantains before and wow it is just yummy with butter and some seasoning. Yummy. This is like typical poor mans food in Ecuador but wow it does the job more than enough. Is like roti? Roti is sooo goood, so simple. Water, flour and salt. Simple!

Anyhow not that I was going to express here. Tonight I’m doing food prep, I did jumped on this offer from HelloFresh. They sent me the food yday for this week. To be honest, I prefer to buy food on the day or at least have a variety of things I wanna have at home. Hello fresh is more structured, but I might change the ingredients and create something else? Well I will see how this work and if it works better doing that… well online food shopping it is then!!

I think I’m doing a risotto tonight. Mmm.

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