Finally Friday.

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This day couldn’t be more appreciated. I have been fed up at work and wow I hold my tongue so hard because certain people don’t know how to be fair. Just saying that, it should be taught before applying for certain roles. That is my suggestion. Not cussing anyone but the way the office works works, never thought I was going to be one of this office rats. Sitting by their desk and eating their breakfast and lunch? And my goal is to move onto something heavier, more practical and not sit in an office listening to unrealistic demands. It just doesn’t really work with who I really am, I like the job and I like my colleagues. I rather work with this team than any other but sometimes you also have people who do things differently. You just realised that you will never be able to satisfy someone. No matter how good you do.

Anyhow, today I’m leaving the office EARLY. I’m going to Kim’s house tonight for some girls night and massively HUGE catch up. Haven’t seen this girl in ages. I’m meeting her at hers, probs have some dinner and drinks. Heading out to West London – in need of more so grown up places than chilling and having drinks with 18 year olds. In my opinion, west London has a more mature crowd.

Outfit for today? So hard. I brought a pair of shorts with me? Eh summer is over but ok. A oversize dark blue blazer and heels. I will see how I like the outfit I put up in my head. Will show pictures later.

I’m so happy weekend is here because another day working. I’m too exhausted!

Another thing before I go, plantains lately is my go to. Steamed, cooked or fried. Love it. I kinda like them as snacks, healthier option I guess or starchier options lol.

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