Friday with Kim

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I remember being so angry on Friday when I came to work, but it changed. It was Friday the 13th but for me I don’t make a big deal of that day, spooky yes but you only have bad luck if you think that days brings bad luck? Which only means, your thoughts have brought this to your day and now you blaming Friday the 13th.

Anyhow, after work I took the train to Kim in north west London, her new flat is AMAZING. Literally, I will show on pictures of her own balcony in her room. Julian and Kim def have one good apartment. Sick!

Look at this. I mean, no need to leave your room.

We had plans to go out but eh no we both wanted to just chill. At midnight I took at cab all the way home, so worth it – so worth seeing my bank account empty but I got home safe. All it matters haha.

We ate dinner watching the sunset and that was magical. I needed to stop at times in my head, and I was like this beautiful.

That was my Friday, I proper enjoyed it and it was nice to catch up with Kim. Haven’t seen her lately, think I saw her very quickly at the carnival.

Catching up soon again with her. Need a boogie though.

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