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Mondays can be pretty quiet at work, but now entering the autumn can be a lot and certain people go on holiday after the “holidays” so it gets busier for some reason. I never really liked to tell people what I’m working with. I think that is personal and my job isn’t really who I’m.

I recently or earlier this year changed job or field; I was working in different places. My first job in London was at Canteen British Food – one of the worse jobs ever. I did not stay there long, applied for another job and called in and said I’m not coming in. The manager wasn’t happy about it BUT I rather be without a job than be working with two crazy and rude people. It was one of the worse jobs ever. Hear me out here; I never ever wanted to work as a waitress. I do not like that job, I respect people doing it but I KNOW that people take the piss. One guy clicked his finger at me and wow if eyes could kill… he literally put down his hand as soon as I was like excuse me? Yes I wasn’t born to be serving. I can’t deal with the unfairness or people being rude to you without even knowing who you are. I respect every person I meet, I think everyone deserves human respect but after that everything depends on how you treat me.

Anyhow, like I said I changed field to a heavier one. I was never stimulated at my previous jobs, I never had enough to do and I end up not liking going to work. Today, I’m busy and I’m learning. I will still and forever always fall back to Nutrition, because it wills forever me my main interest. I never close doors when it comes to opportunities, because I know I could potentially earn more, be promoted, and learn new things. You have to teach yourself to enjoy the job you have, find things with the job that you enjoy more. Ease your workday, I know not everyone is jumping on one leg and going to work. This is how I see it, a job provides with a bit of comfort to your life. A job provides with money if you have a business plan. Without a job, it gets pretty difficult to do ANYTHING. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Nothing is gonna be smooth, but you learn to enjoy the ride.  

This post wasn’t supposed to be like this, just random talks. I like to write as I’m having a conversation with friends. Is that weird? Even if it is, I don’t mind. I do like myself being random.
Anyhow, I will continue to close down some jobs before going home.

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