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I honestly have nothing great to say, but I don’t think I have talked much about important stuff here lately.. but the traffic is decent. I dont complain, I guess my life is interesting for you as you are here often? I don’t even promote my blog that much anymore. It is nice though, that people still visit my blog and read my insignificant stuff.

I cannot wait to leave work, enjoy a nice evening with my man. We have a busy weekend again, but a fun one. Next weekend I have arranged for all of us friends to enjoy a couple of days in the country side. Everyone is like: PLEASE so neeeeded. A tiny get away from London.

What is the weekend saying for you guys? Saturday is supposed to have nice weather, almost like summer or well last summer day? 25 degrees is decent.

Ps. Anyone else watching TOP BOY? My first every series I watched when I first moved to London. Wow, so many sad episodes. I don’t know how long people have watched, but I’m about to finished the whole season. I’m not gonna lie, it hurts watching it because IT IS DAILY life for many. It hurts to see young kids going through that, some people NEVER get away from that life style. That negative environment they find themselves in, nothing positive is entering their life and it is fucked up. Sorry but it is. I took my time watching top boy because I get really really upset, sad, and disappointed of how we have let down so many of the young people. So many young black males, so many young males in general. So many young people in general. The government is shit, and it is getting worse. Top Boy is just a fiction of reality.

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