Sunday ChillDay

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Sunday has been so chilled for me. I woke up so late, it has been very stuffy in the air lately or well these last couples of days. I have been catching up with sleep during the weekends, and even then I’m doing things apart from today. I want to say I haven’t done anything today, but end up doing meal prep with the food I’ve got from HelloFresh. Baked a vegan plantain bread, and I will share the recipe later as I haven’t put it together yet. I take one recipe from the internet and change it slightly different. More so the sweetness of it, how rich I want it to be etc except the batter. I follow that part religiously.

I have also made myself ready for a new week. When I’m on my zone of cooking and cleaning, I’m literally so quick. I do things most people take a whole day off to do their things. I can be effective, and I believe everyone can be productive when they want to. I like to go on and then stop once everything is completely done. Was cleaning the kitchen so hard and now my hands are dry as fuck – important thing is that I left the kitchen clean and nice.
I usually look forward to a new week, this new week coming I’m need to focus on getting fit and back to the gym. Next week it will be a load of activities, I think?

I’m doing gym tomorrow and will try to fit in at least 3-4 active days this week. I’m away this weekend so I’m not sure how… and also I have lots of after work things to do.

Ending this post with a couple of pictures from last Sunday, Anya and I took ourselves to Brighton. We laid at the rocky hard beach and enjoyed the sun, ate some snacks, had ice cream after and before taking the train back home. We walk up the hills and enjoyed a beautiful view of the sea.

Bought some rose and got a little bit tipsy, just a little bit.

And got some vitamin D, good amounts.

Forgot that I had some pictures, so there you go…

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