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I feel sooo pregnant hahaha no but the cravings I have lately. I don’t want sweets but I’m craving olives all the time. I have been eating them since Saturday and I can’t stop. Ok, not only Saturday I buy them all the time. Rather Nocellara.

My body has changes so much, I have been eating normal and trying to eat lighter meals during lunch. Honestly I eat different depending on what mood I’m in. I don’t understand why I need to give a full insight of why and how and what all the time. Hahaha

My abs are more or less gone, my ass is literally bouncing and feels heavy. My boobs were just soooo swollen for a day ago, now they are back to normal. I know I’m not pregnant because I just got my period. Even though you could be? Hmm no I’m not – and I know that. I do enjoy the body how it is at this stage, but I don’t think I would look good bigger? I don’t know but I like being quite small but have some.

Anyhow this cravings with olives is just insane, I honestly ate a whole pack just now on the train. I HATED olives back in the days, the smell of them was just uughhhh and nah never would I have thought I was going to go crazy. For a couple of years I have been on it – and never have I been over-consuming them so much as now. Truth is that I get my eyes on something for a period and o over eat it until I feel sick and tired. And then it goes 1-2 years and I’m like oh let me try this again.

What an interesting post. Bloody hell maria, at least make your readers laugh.

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