Birthday Celebrations


Age is just a number and it is, apart from the age of your cells. We could possible slow down what does ages us, with a more healthier approach to life in all aspects. I believe. I feel wiser but not older, I think I have reach or I’m on the path where I always wanted to be. Myself, unapologetically.

The day started with some appreciation at work. My manager fixed a nice cake with a card, at least I’m not forgotten lol. It doesn’t really matter but it was a nice gesture – more than enough. I have to give her cred, she is good making sure everyone gets a card on their birthdays. Day went well, I needed to stay at work longer I should have taken off but no biggie.

Finished at 6 and went over to Specs to get my glasses. And wow, I can see in short distance. It has been such a struggle for me. I used them for reading, working and even now when I’m typing on my phone. My squint so much so I need them in order to not strain my eye muscles. Anyhow after that I met Craig and he had present and a secret evening planned. Turned out to be a jazz evening at JazzCafe and yes yes yes my type of night. I got really drunk though, didn’t eat enough after my lunch and drank double rom and coke, a few of them. It is not your birthday if you didn’t get fucked up hahaha.

After Wednesday I was extremely tired every day after, on Friday I went to the movies and watched Joker with Emma and Lex. And I got some nice presents and I didn’t expect anything from anyone because I have felt so loved regardless so it never came to my head to get presents. I’m human ok? I do like presents as well but this time I wasn’t keen on anything.

Saturday I went for a casual night and took myself and my friend to Prince of Peckham. Nearby home and not anything extra, just nice vibes. Everyone had a good time and I was so happy and still am to have amazing friends around me.

It was such a good night but so simple and just easy. We came back home around 4 and boy that killed my whole Sunday. I was literally in bed all day, not because I was hangover but because my body was just tired. I order Uber East’s. I couldn’t even think of cooking anything.

I had a good birthday and honestly do not expected it to be more but it was just amazing. Feeling loved and appreciated and know that I have such a good people around me. The cards I got were just too cute man.

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