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I have a big obsession for almond yogurt lately and especially if they are down to £1.10. Bargain, pokey not bargain because I could easily make my own yogurt if I wanted and really put an effort. I’m lazy.
Nush is natural and plant based, I have on of these every morning and afternoon with nuts and dried fruit. I used to have a mixture of granola with everything but honestly I rather just have the nuts and fruits alone. I try to keep my days balanced, like if I have a normal meal at work then I make sure at least my breakfast or dinner is 100% plant based. My body does agree with these balanced life style I try to create, not restrict myself too much but at the same time be conscious of what I let enter to my body. That also applies skin products, hair products and well energies.
We can always try to do our best, if we do it every single day with all discipline? No, but at least we all do try to change our lives in one way or another.

I have 4 weeks before I’m going away to the sun, and I just try to keep my body in shape but keep the weight I have worked so hard to gain over the past three years. Hard? It has been so hard but finally my weight seems to be more steady – or my metabolism has slow down. Great lol.

I just wanted to share my new yogurt obsession, a healthy one though. I have had more question lately about health and as I’m becoming more engage with that I thought I could maybe add some few bits every now and then here.
One thing I would recommend for someone who wants to keep their weight steady but lean. Nush almond yogurt with some nuts, like the picture above and one fruit and a green tea, but make sure your lunch is supper loaded with nutrients. I eat salad very often at work for lunch, it has just become a very easy health options when I dont know what to eat.
What I do, I mix everything, add olive oil and balsam vinegar ( another obsession as well), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I’m quite cheeky and add soooo much, but I eat it all and maybe add something extra to eat. To be enough full, and then dinner after gym a smoothie and a very tiny portion of food. My appetite is not huge after 6PM, I don’t know why, bu every time I make dinner I end up eating a tiny portion. It is a good thing though, I’m not complaining because I do eat massively during the day. I snack on nuts during the WHOOOOLE day at work and olives. I love olives, so adding a few healthy snack habits in between can help to keep a steady weight. Well, if you have similar metabolism to me I would say…

I need to stop now because… I have such a migraine right now.. I have had it all day and I have just tried to not think about it. Just now, I can’t write properly.
Another time, but just wanted to share some thoughts and recommendations.


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