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Are the birthdays done now? Gosh, literally every week we have had birthdays in our group. Everyone is a Libra.
Last week we went out for a meal, we went to a Ethiopian restaurant and celebrated our two friends. They have their birthday on the same day, 10/10.
It has been a lot of late nights during the week, which is not me at all. I don’t like to drink during the week not feeling hangover the next, I’m a no no on that but when it comes to my friends. I’m there always.

November is having a few birthdays as well so another few nights out which I look forward to.

I forgot to post this and now it doesn’t even make sense but the cakes where vegan and so yummy. Although, I ate just this bread made of teff flour and even thought it is healthy my belly does not take it well. So I stopped eating the bread and just ate the sauces with everything else. I needed space for the cakes, there is a specific way of eating in order to not feel bad and still enjoy the food. Let me tell you that I didn’t master that technique, I felt extremely bloated after and realised that I need to leave bread aside and focus on feeling less bloated and eat food that will ease my belly not opposite. And to be honest my belly gets messed up by chickpeas and beans – so really I’m fxxx.

Whatever not gonna write more than necessary. X

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