Box Hill

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The weekend was extremely calm. Nowadays once a month my friends and I do some sort of ritual together and spend time all Saturday. It is like a recharge – spiritual session. I would love to explain further of what we do and how it goes but the experience is secret. Not secret but I’m not up for telling anyone my journey in depths.

I didn’t take any pictures on Saturday at all. On Sunday I took a few though, Alexis and I took ourselves to Box-Hill in Surrey. Spend a few hours there, just breathing nice air and recharge with nature.

Love all kinds of mushrooms there are out there. I heard that they have only identified 50K strains and there are so many more.

Box Hill is not far, at least not from us. Gonna start doing this a little bit more often, Craig and I are always taking walks in the woods but much this year though, hmm..

It was amazingly satisfying to be out in the woods, chill and talk about life as usual. My body is screaming oxygen, my body needs to breath and this is one of the thing that came to my mind on Saturday. It was literally like my body was screaming, OXYGEN. Is it just me or does your body talks to you sometime? I try often to listen to my body and analyse what it wants, how it feels. Apart from the typical tiredness, why is my back aching specific on this area? A lot of the pain I’m having is emotional, a lot of unnecessary guilt and I think that sometimes can cause stress in my life. I will explain later of what I mean with guilt, in what sense. I don’t think I have hurt anybody in a traumatic manner but guilt there is, in my life.

Anyhow, continuing with my Box Hill experience. It was lovely and recharging.


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