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Last week we visited Jamaica for 9 days, and that was one of the best holidays so far. We arrived in the afternoon to Montego Bay, we had previously stayed in New York for a night. My weekend before I touched down in Jamaica was very interesting, I rather think it through before I share to much in public. Anyhow, we did so much in Jamaica, and boy everything was breath taking honestly.

How was our hotel?
Huge, and clean. If it has the best design or interior, meeeh. It had a colonial style, specially the bedrooms. Clean, very clean. Staff were extremely polite, but with boundaries. We had all inclusive and for us, that was the best for the first time in Jamaica. Next time, AIRBNB or I will see.

The hotel had loads of trees and green areas, a small but decent gym, a huge tennis court (that we never even played at), another huge avocado tree with plenty of avocado fruits. Tempting to take them all back home.

Does anyone know about almonds? And how the trees look like? Well, when I was a kid – we always used to say: quieres almendras? Do you want almonds? But we meant the fruit, and everywhere in Ecuador in the coast you have almond trees. The fruit can be eaten half ripe and completely ripe and then you crack the seed and you get the nut. Hoho. I ate too much when I was a kid, no wonder my energy endurance was on top and I was pain in the ass. Anywho, the hotel had sooo many almond trees and other trees I’m so familiar with.

Our hotel also had a private beach where we spend many mornings at after breakfast. We ate jerk chicken everyday after coming back home from excursions, party or just being hungry. I gained some weight and boy I loved my body over there. My bum was so perky and my skin was smooth. You know what the sun does to us, makes us pretty with all that VitD.

Our hotel felt more like a home than a hotel, it was Adults only as I didn’t wanna have kids running around or for me to watch the way I speak. Sorry, at some times I do swear a lot and I feel really bad when kids are around. I felt a different type of peacefulness there.

I will upload more photos later day by day.
I have spent most day today doing some admin, trying to claim insurance.

I definitely will start doing my admin work on Saturday’s.

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