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We landed in Montego Bay, after that we took a coach to Ocho Rios where we stayed the whole time. We used Jewel Dunns River Resort – Adults only. It was decent, all we needed and great service. Great food. I’m not fussed, but one thing – HYGINE IS PRIORITY. They provided with good service at all times.

For the first time in Jamaica, after being there I would suggest Ochi to stay. Ochi is close to all the excursions, Dunns River Fall, Blue Hole, Mystic mountain (where you can ride the bobsled, zip lining and the sky line), Marttha Brae. We did most of the excursions in Ocho Rios. I will post day by day.

Jamaica was top top, the weather couldn’t have been better apart from the last two days – hot but a bit rainy.
In Ocho Rios we did some more things apart from the excursions. We visited the Kaya Herb House, had a great jerk chicken sausage pizza, sat and swing with the hammocks, we also visited Scotchies Jerk Center located next door to Kaya Herb House. A must if you are in Ochi.

Scotchies also have a love design, proper jamaican style. The seating area is just lovely and you actually feel the authenticity of the place.

We also ate a few times outside the resort, first day we went to the centre in Ocho Rios, had some food and tried to do some shopping,. Honestly, I rather do shopping where the locals do theirs. I know that I’m a typical tourist but I like to be around locals more.

I will post more later, but now I need to get back to my studies and finsih this degree and finally work as a Nutritionist. Soon come…

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