Dunn’s river fall – Ochi

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How do I even start how Dunn’s river was? Jamaica has pure beauty and for such a small island, things are almost unreal.

We booked Dunn’s river via the resort, they have a pre designed package deal that includes food, party boat, transfer and Dunn’s river fall. You don’t have to do all these things but we didn’t like to complicate stuff and start researching how AM to get away cheaper. You leave around 9-10 to get to the centre of Ocho Rios, the boat takes you then to Dunn’s river but the beach entrance. Prepare for a climbing session in bikini. We were lucky to have bought water shoes prio, they were huge help.

The party boat was something I didn’t like at first, the idea of being on a boat and drink and it also swings back and forth. Meeeh, I wasn’t keen at all. Once reading the whole excursion itinerary, I was more relieved.

The party boat takes you out to swim and look at the fishes and see the coral reeves at first. I love the sea and all of that but I was ready for the Dunn’s river that looking at the fishes – I did find it a bit boring.

Once arriving to the Dunn’s river my face was like a kids face, Maria 8 years old. Honestly I couldn’t be happier, I was amazed over everything. I was loving nature on another level.

I love beaches, and for me I found them calming and beautiful. It doesn’t really matter what beach, just being near the water and with the forest behind you. Different story. Back in Ecuador that was very common, we often had big mountains behind the beach and that added more beauty.

Above you can see the Dunn’s river and how popular it is. I was like a big kid and had big smile on my face.

After the whole climbing up through the river and taking loads of pictures, it was time to return to the beach and jump on the boat again for more party. We made a stop for some food, obviously jerk chicken. At the restaurant they also had a tiny beach and after the food I couldn’t sit down and rest. I went straight to the beach and was swimming around and minding my own business before heading back to the resort. You will rarely see me swimming in pools but give me nature and I’m the first to jump in.

I must say, I did enjoy this excursion and I could do it again with my kids. They did say the water was cold but for me it was just normal. Helloooo… I lived in Sweden and when I was young; we start swimming in the lake late April. So I’m used to colder waters but this just pure fresh. Loved it.

You can see the boat they use. I don’t even know what these boats are called. Sorry not a boat person.

That was a little bit of that excursion and what we did. I rather not give too much inside outs because you probably want to have a surprise if you go there and not assume.

Later today I will post a post about intermittent fasting by the way, a lot of people were asking me yesterday and why not giving you the right information and share my experience.

Speak soon xxx

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