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On Tuesday during my lunch break I booked myself for a stretching. I needed to have some proper stretch with someone that knows more about the body’s anatomy than myself. I booked 15 minutes but you can also choose 25 minutes.

I had a lady and was very happy with her, her name is Tamara and I’m gonna see her again Monday morning before work.

What happens during this session, you get your own “booth” or bed-like area where they have curtains around the bed, so no one can see you.

Whoever your therapist is, the person will talk you through and ask you which areas you want to focus on. You can also go there with a purpose of being more flexible or wanna do a split within certain amount of time, they will guide you and help you.

Flexology is based in Canary Wharf. You can visit them via ClassPass and on your first time you join ClassPass you get £30 pounds (click here) to start with. I find classpass really good, they have different classes, treatments and the wellness classes are great. I have been on 50 classes since I joined, yes forever a loyal customer. I have tried many studios, everything from posh to ok. What I like is that they have added this last year, they have added massage, facials, manicure in some, other unique treatments I have never heard before.

I stretch everyday but this assisted stretching is something I recommend to add to your lifestyle, at least once a week.

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