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I love this.
In Sweden we have had the “luxury” to recycle our bottles, any type of drink bottles. Cans, glass, plastic and in return you get money. I think it was like 20 pence back in the days.
I moved out from my parents when I was 21 but still shit managing my money, so every time I visited them they had like bags full of empty recycling bottles. Sometimes I got like 20 pounds worth for being nice and recycling hihi. A good way to teach children how to take responsibility and also know that some things can be rewarding for you and the environment.

And now London, Canary Wharf has one. This is SOOOO good.
We need to be more gentle to our planet and make conscious decisions in regards to how much we consume and buy. I try to re-use the glass jars from jams, I have started to make better choices even thought it is hard at times. Skin care products is something I’m trying to reduce and create my own instead, restore the creams in glass jars and have small refill organic containers. Basically reduce waste in all types, I was gonna buy some skin products and realized how much packaging they have. I do not want to contribute much to it.

How do you guys try to stay Eco friendly?

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