Why I drink hot water.

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Why do we wish away our days so much? It is constant saying: I’m tired – I cant wait to go home – I cant wait for the weekend – I need holiday. I find myself saying these things EVERY day. Is like I’m wishing my life away? Reality is that we all are wrong placed at some point in our lives.

Anyhow I’m dying to tell you something so simple. The benefits of lukewarm water everyday, specially in the mornings.
For some time now, I have been drinking lukewarm water and at first I was like the taste is just hmm. The reason why I did change my habit of always drinking ice cold water was: I got belly aches straight after, I started feeling quite sick, I feel heavier and like my belly was just frozen. And I also found that my body was working harder in order to process down the food. The worse has been drinking a cold coke and being reckless with fried food. Not good.

There are so many benefits when it comes to drinking lukewarm water, preferably with a slice of lemon. I think many of us are already doing this, hopefully but I just want to remind you of the benefits and how good it actually is.

The benefits of drinking lukewarm water:
– Aids digestion. It soothes and activates your digestive tract. Water is as many people say, the lubricant to your gut. It has a connection to weight loss as well.
– Calms central nervous. It calms your nervous system and it is actually very promising in that since. My nervous system has improved a bit since I have been religiously drinking lukewarm water.
– Keeps you hydrated. Lukewarm water is no different to cool water, it still hydrates you. A tip if you find it hard to drink 2 litres a day, have a 750 ML in the morning and another 750 ML in the afternoon, start like that at first.
– Improves circulation. The same way that a hot bath is good for your body’s blood circulation, hot water has a similar effect.

Although it is amazing and very good for your health to drink lukewarm water, be careful so you do not exaggerate and drink too hot water. You can burn your taste buds, and/or damage the tissues in your oesophagus. Be mindful of the temperature, and also have in mind that just drinking lukewarm water wont just heal/cure you. It is just another additional benefits to your daily life, it does help and it is better than ice cold water.

Ps. always use a glass bottle rather than plastic. We don’t want melted plastic in our system.

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