Birthday – The Gate

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What a lovely weekend it has been. Friday after work I went straight to Alexis for some quick catch up and Saturday we spent it at home or Craig was studying and I was just chilling. Saturday was planned for dinner with the girls, Dionne had a birthday not long ago but she was in Australia so yes went out for dinner Saturday.

The food was delicious and plant based or veggie. I don’t remember the names of the dishes but I’m throwing some pictures.

We had a pre booked table at The Gate, an early dinner as we had the AJ fight to come back to and watch.

I had a look at the dessert before the food. Haha because I don’t consume sugar in sweets often at all. I always look forward to healthy desserts. Even though, even plant based desserts can be too much. Although it was lovely.
This was some aioli sauce with lentils and tomato salsa? Battered brócoli? I cannot remember but it was delicious. Fresh, light and wow.
This was some wild mushroom risotto with some other stuff. It wasn’t bad but it was quite bland and could do with some more salt.
Mango cheese cake.
Brownie with vanilla nice-cream.
The fluffiest tiramisu but it’s was lovely.

Let me continue with saying that the cheesecake was delicious and amazing. The “cream” was extremely fluffy and smooth. Great desserts I must say.

After the dinner we rushed back home and just made it to watch AJ and boy I’m so happy he won because I wouldn’t like to see that loss. I mean, it would kill my ego if that was me. I’m glad he is honest and doesn’t blame others or the judge or anyone for his loss or failure. Teaches us all something, at least if you fail own it and don’t make excuses just make sure next time you are prepared. Hmm today’s thought… 🙂

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