Sunday – You

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Laying in bed and watching YOU. I stopped watching it because it felt sooo creepy and the extend of it.

I stopped watching it and now I’m on it again. It seems alright and I have been watching so many series and documentaries lately. Earlier today I met Lex and went gym, so good to start the gym early and have the rest of the day to just jam.

I just had one of the best toastie of all times. Plant based as I’m doing veganuary or actually I’m just trying to be more healthier. Gain some more weight in a decent way.

I made the toastie with vegan cheese, chopped some red onions and peppers, some slices of tomatoes and for some reason leak? Oh well it tasted divine. I always loved toastie but because it is so unhealthy I haven’t eaten it for many years – now I’m like yessss and specially with a healthy bread. I bought it from Sweden and store it in the freezer. Typical Swedish thing to do, buy bread and store it in the freezer.

Soon as i have energy I’m gonna head to Lex and jam for a bit. We went gym earlier and that felt good, and now I’m keen on doing some tarot cards. Just leaving my things for tomorrow ready in case I end up spending all night there.


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