Bicarbonate of Soda

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How many of you use bicarbonate of soda for medical purposes? Well, I do and I have been using bicarbonate of soda for maybe 6 months now I think? For me this is what has made me be reckless with food, I can’t eat gluten because it gives me the baddest indigestion, I get indigestion for many things but I once heard my teacher telling me about bicarbonate of soda. Bicarbonate of Soda is very powerful simple remedy in seconds. It has never failed me, forever loyal.

I use it in two different ways so far, as deodorant as I stopped using chemical deodorant during Jamaica. I came home and started with a homemade deo instead, and it works better but also it cleanses my armpits hahaha sounds really disgusting. At some point in Jamaica I didnt want to use chemical so I stopped completely for two days, omg I was stinky betty + sweaty betty. I needed to do a armpit cleanse hahaha. We all smell, we all sweat, in different parts. My sweat has become SOOO bad lately tho, it is runny and goes through all my jumpers (dont stress me). No but it is ridiculous how my hormones have changed lately, like MAD. Is it me being ready for pregnancy? I have never sweated this much in my whole life, I have always been able to wear many tops and not be worried at all. Today, I need to have paper under my armpits (I know someone that would laugh at this). It is ridiculous. Although, there is nothing wrong with sweating – absolutely NOTHING. I like to be honest and tell you because I think and I know being real also help other people to feel “normal” even though many others would say: it is disgusting. What it is disgusting is their narrow minded opinion.

Anyhow, the other way I use bicarbonate of soda is for my stomach. As I mentioned, I get really bad indigestion of bread – more so ANY bread. Not even sourdough can be my saver, sad but true.

Craig doesn’t believe in it, but I know he will once another person from outside our zones says it. Typical. How I use it for my stomach?
I add maybe a bit more than a cup water in a glass and one teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and mix it. Drink it and VOILA.
It regulates the pH levels in our stomach and some burp, some fart but any trapped air comes out. I know, maybe this is the most weirdest blogpost I will post. I wish more people where open about things, so we can all feel ok on this earth. So many people being ridiculed for normal things. Not good.

Yes, you burp and fart and your stomach feels much better. I use this religiously everytime I feel funny, it is my go to. You could do this maybe up to three times a day if you have a sour stomach but I only do it once, before I go to bed. I don’t want to exceed the intake, so I just do it once a day if needed. I like bicarbonate of soda because it helps with bloating, neutralize stomach acid and relives indigestion after eating.

“Sodium bicarbonate is generally safe and nontoxic. But drinking large amounts of baking soda can bring on a few unwelcome side effects, such as constipation, diarrhea, irritability, vomiting, and muscle spasms.”

I thought it is good to give you the other side of bicarbonate of soda if using too much. I only have one tea spoon a day of needed, but apparently you could repeat it around 3 times a day? Hmm. I think it is all about how bad the acid in your stomach is.

Bicarbonate Of Soda has many benefits and can help relieve many stomach conditions, I mean easy treated ones. Such as:

Freshening the mouth, it neutralizes the odours. I always used to drink sparkling water when I lived in Sweden, as I used to only drink white wine and believe me it is not the nicest breath for people to smell. It helped massively, even my friends started with it because it does wonders.

Exfoliator, it is actually true. It works very good for body and face, it is not too harsh. It removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin by neutralizing the skin’s acid barrier.

Detox bath, helps with itching, burning, swelling and have a positive effect on vaginal pH. Bicarbonate Of Soda has been found to have general antifungal affects. When having a bath with bicarbonate of soda, it helps to get rid of toxins and residue. Be mindful to dry properly, moisturize and hydrate.

I just mentioned the things I have been experiencing, there are more things to do with bicarbonate of soda but I don’ have all day.

I recommend an organic Bicarbonate of Soda, you can find bicarbonate of soda EVERYWHERE and it is possible the cheapest quick remedy there is. I take it after my food, maybe 1 hours after but I would say taking it before food could also HELP alot. You choose. Although, like I always say – research before act. This works for me, and I’m studying this at the moment through my school. Which is quite ironic as I have been using this as remedy for some time.

I will continue to post more regular and I’m also open for trials, meaning if you need help with your diet, health and other health related topics. Contact me here and I will try to do my best to help you with your needs. I need people who maybe can’t afford to pay a nutritionist but want help and coaching to change their life. I’m here lovelies.

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