Boca Chica London

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I know it is veganuary for many but honestly during my ovulation period and a week before my period I dont care. I’m so bad, like I want food from all corners. I can eat sooo much and still be hungry, but it is only during 2 weeks period. Although not for sweets, just for savoury food.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Telana and had like Friday food feast, ate so much and my hormones were just loving everything. We stopped by Boca Chica in Peckham – Rye Wax. Dominican food and it was just like home, home made, ecuadorian food just what I like it. Unfortunately at this point I was FULL, so I just nibbled a few bits here and there.

The food at Boca Chica is gluten free and there are vegan options. I do like the gluten free idea massively.
Above you have PicaPollo, which is: fried chicken dominican style with tostones, avocado and aji sauce. This was actually VERY nice, I only tried a little bit but yes if you like chicken. Go for picapollo.
Tostones or patacones as I call them, green plantain fried and toasted. I love them.

The other dish was Arepass, made of riped plantain and served with slow cooked beef. I tried this, I did like it but I just like plantain as it is. My friend loved it and was very very happy with it. She finished it.

The third little snacks was, Fried fritos. Green Plantain and cassava chips served with avocado and aji sauce. This was lovely actually. LOVELY.

Boca Chica London is run by Vigmar, such a lovely dominican lady. She is the cutest and so warm, happy and smart. The menu is tidy, small and delicious. I recommend it massively, specially if you are in Peckham and waiting for a boogie.

Boca Chica London
Rye Wax
Basement Block A
133 Rye Lane
SE15 4ST

Highly recommend it and it is decent and happy staff.
Peckham is always a vibe.

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