Early Gym – Meditation

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I have said for many years, I wish I was a morning person. I have tried to wake up early and do what I need to do early but it hasn’t always been the case – actually mostly never.

Today I started 21 days Meditation, one of my friend invited me to this challenge and I must say – thank you because it did give me life this morning.

Craig leaves very early and I usually leave early to work but not this week. Although I woke up with him and started my 15 mins meditation. The first 5 mins were really difficult because I was yawning like never before. After 5 minutes it all stopped and I felt so energised. The arts of breathing. Once finished with the meditation, I got ready and had my morning coffee and vitamin D. Crucial.

Together with the 21 days mediation, I will also do a whole month challenge for my body. So this is my first day of my conscious fitness journey. I want to see what happens to my body, when I keep a consistent training and eating pattern.

I have been training since the year started and been eating regularly. Regular eating is something that it is not engaged in my life, I forgot to eat or I don’t fancy anything. After certain time during the day I just stop eating, at the moment it is a different story. I’m eating more than enough and I can see my body taking good benefit of it.

I will only see difference by looking at the mirror as I don’t wright myself, I always get so disappointed because it never goes up. I look bigger but the numbers are either the same or lower. So now, as long as I feel good I won’t look at the damn scale.

After during all activities and being all good in the morning, my system has crashed. I’m so tired. I needed another strong coffee after my lunch. My lunch wasn’t heavy at all but I feel like I could just cuddle up right here and sleep. At least I don’t need to visit the gym this evening. Feels good.

I look forward to continue with my discipline and achieve something, for myself. Gym has never been out of the picture since I started, but now I feel more encouraged to be healthier, a morning person and eat more.

Slowly but surely going back to my normal routines but with a better approach.

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