Glow baby glow

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I looked at myself in the mirror yday and wow I looked like a black pale ghost. Honestly, this weather is just boring and not so good for your skin. In that case, I use all oils I can and hydrating creams. So needed.

I don’t use much make up and if I put more than normal that would be maybe doing my eyebrows. I have outgrown too much make up and I honestly don’t like my overly painted face at all – I try to keep it simple and let my skin breath.

I religiously use SPF or cream with spf because hello, it is so needed and we aren’t that young to “afford” to not care. At least I’m not that young, 32 this year already. For goodness sake, allow me to be 30 for a while. It feels like the years are flying faster than when I just turned 25. Wow.

Anyhow, I moisturise my skin often and I need to feel like my skin is glowing all the time. Obsessed.

In order to get that natural base and glow, I use: MAC’s Strobe cream hydrant lumineux combine with Bare Minerals tinted hydrating gel cream.

What I like about these two, it gives my face glow and more “saturation” hahaha. I don’t look as dead and grey.

I only use the strobe cream every day, and not the tinted hydrating gel cream as much unless I may go out. I’m very comfortable not wearing make up and I do enjoy being free.

These two are my all time favorite and do like I nice good quality cream for my face.

They aren’t two expensive, or actually I got them both for over £50 but it is sooo worth it.

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