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Today I feel mashed up. Is it the weather or is it the effort I put in the gym? I have lifting heavier, been working very structured and carefully with my gluteus as my left is very week.

I have been watching so many videos on how to have better posture, techniques etc. The worse things is, injures when you are on your pace and doing great at the gym. So what do I do at the gym exactly?

Firstly I warm up as always, my warm up can be different but it always includes chin ups. Everyday, and because lifting your own weight is key – for me at least. I do one day full body and the other days I focus on two parts, abs and arms or abs and legs. Abs is always included as I still want to get stronger core. The stronger core I have the better I perform.

And I also see that the more work I put with my abs, the closer I get to get a nice result.

31 years old and still looking young. Please let me stay like this forever. Or at least let my body stay strong and young for 20-30 more years. I’m asking for a lot.

I’m doing some yoga today as I need to stretch this body in a class. I haven’t been consisten with yoga for a very long time, due to classpass not being active and also the cold. I just wanna go home as soon as finish work and gym is literally just by the station. Harder to miss, but yoga isn’t nearby me at all. Think I’m gonna sign up for Bikram Yoga London in London Bridge and continue with it, more so when the weather is warmer. The worse thing I know is the sweats afterwards, I sweat soooo much and get rid of soo much water that it is ridiculous but the skin is so fresh.

London Bridge is perfect and I still have some credits there I can use. Yes, let’s go back to my routines. I loved the bikram in Clapham, that was is soo nice and the teacher is my favourite.

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