Jump over the hump

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How Am I feeling today? Actually super mentally but still have headaches and toothache. I have had a nightmare with my wisdom tooth but I have a bigger problem with them. They are too close to the nerve that removing them would cost me more problems than any good. Spent so much money to just have them checked up, but now I know the problem and yeah let’s see how this goes along the way….

It is Wednesday today and it feels like this week has been as long as January itself. This is basically my first day at work as I was off yday and Monday I only worked half day. I have been doing what I need to do and also studied meanwhile being a bit ill. Studying isn’t bad but it is more the movements and talk with people that makes me exhausted. Funny.

Tonight I’m gonna actually be productive and go to the gym, and continue with what I’m working on. I have learned to be quite until you have a product, a finished and polished idea before presenting it. If your idea isn’t clear – people don’t wanna hear it. If your idea is great and still not clear – you missing out.

What I have worked on this idea for some time now and wow, the more I settle down and go within the more clarity I have. This is nothing I have even talked to anyone apart from my mum and my books. I can say that meditation and going within has definitely been a massive help. I feel more grounded mentally and healthier. I don’t only see myself but I see the people around me, I see how myself life attitude either affect their life positive or negative – depending on how I choose. We forget what an impact we have on others life, the people we love and consider us their closest people. As I have always mention, be mindful how you come across. It isn’t always the time to be opinionated or have your way at always. I have understood and finally surrendered, life is not fair.

And I’m gonna stop there because I’m gonna post my thoughts about how it is to be a libra haha in this world. I’m a typical libra with cancer involved. Sensitive as fxxx but indecisive like no other. Last year I worked on sticking to things and stop procrastinating. It is going better this year 🙂

I will whenever the time and place is right tell you, it could be tomorrow or in a year. We never know – we just pray it is GOLDEN .

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