They are worse or they are better.

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I saw this picture and couldn’t hold my self from sharing my thoughts. Do we have people like this in our lives? Well yes, we all have and I always pay attention to people’s repeated behaviour. I’m not judging but if the behaviour is towards me, then yes I will keep an eye on you. I see it as some sort of self care, be mindful of how people have habits of treating you this or that.

I have a close person who I’m not gonna share much details about but this person has a funny way of treating me. Every time I question the behaviour, I get this puppy feel sorry for me and I didn’t mean to do it kinda BS. So even this person has a habit of ALWAYS being worse or better than you. If you say, oh my ankles are aching – the person would come and say: my whole foot is replaced. Just to be the first to be in the worse position. Why is that? Why are we humans this way? Why are certain humans this way? I have so many stories and wow I hope I’m not behaving like this all the time.

This picture just clicked, and funny that the picture came up at the same time as I’m dealing with a specific person over the phone. It is never a smooth moment of interaction, there is always something BAD in the person situation. Nothing is personal but it gets daunting hearing a person always having something bad to say or projecting theirs negative start of the morning on you. I’m not perfect believe me but can we be more mindful or each other? Can we be more mindful of how we come across to others? How we actually do impact others with our low/negative energy. People who only want to be in a good energy when it suits them, sorry but no if you are in a bad mood go home and lock yourself or behave.

Anyhow back to the picture, I guess at many times I have tried to be this one that is better at something. I rather better myself than say that I’m in the worse situation and please feel sorry for me. U wanna improve life not belittle life and see as a failure.

What we don’t understand when we self pity ourselves is that we ask for more of the negative rather than ask for improvements.

Humans. We all do things we don’t like in others. Life wouldn’t be this exciting if things always changed and people acted difficult and tried too much. As we all do. I don’t exclude myself from everything bad we all do, I’m a human and I do all the things I cuss other people to. I write for us to remember to be mindful and for myself to always be reminded.

Apart from this rant, I have been feeling good lately within. Feel happier and have this massive gratitude speech to myself not long ago. I was honestly crying of joy, joy because what I have now, I was writing down a list and couldn’t wait to have all of this. Wow, you do forget what you have been dying to have in the future. The future comes and you forget to look back. Sometimes it is good, it gives you a flashback analysis.

Ok, starting my day now and I wish you all a lovely Friday.


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