Moany Myrtle?

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I love a moan in terms of rant about things I hate we humans do. It is not that I focused on those things it is just that I try to live a life where I’m more mindful of my surroundings and how I come across and how to basically enjoy being alive. It makes sense in my head, but for some what I talk or write about could be daunting and repetitive. In need of always want to change can be exhausting for people who love their comfort.

Anyhow needed to let that little part out. This weather today is another thing but we need rain? I guess what every nature is giving us is karma. Ok let me take that back, I don’t need to learn that we need karma in a harsh way okey? I’m sorry for everything we have done to you Mother Nature. Honestly, the earth is a bit unstable at the moment.

From one thing to another. Ok bye.

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