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Yday Tuesday I booked a hot yoga class. I only like hot yoga, I like the sweat feeling and the body feels more flexible. The teacher was pretty good.

I have been doing a lot of yoga at home everyday and I so surprised that I keeping it up, although yday was the first day in two weeks I did a class. It felt good, and I’m still not as bad and can hold poses. I’m always a bit rusty at first but I guess doing it at home has helped me to keep up.

I do yoga in all different places as I’m using classpass. My favourite is Sadhana in Clapham, Bikram London Bridge is also good but a bit too typical dance class a little bit I guess? They are good though, I love bikram. Easy to get very lean quick as well, if you keep it up. I’m gonna try once a week as I’m a bit lazy lately, I go to the gym and I’m active but I’m just like meh. Anyhow for March I’m gonna change the game a bit. Still doing vegetarian/vegan and I feel good.

My yoga class was at 3tribes in Borough. Very close to London Bridge. Very nice place actually, should have taken some pictures but no was so into my zone afterwards.

Feeling the retrograde by the way? I feel it and I can say that many people are walking on my shoes. And I’m standing here just smiling and trying to not lash out. Don’t get it twisted, I’m still gonna have my say. I’m a person that waits and sees if what you are doing is a piss taking or you are just so unaware of your own behavior? Anyhow, this is how I can be but I miss the days when I’m just a yes man and sometimes don’t even care to care about what I stand for. Don’t be a hypocrite or try not to.

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