Bread, just good bread.

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What a wweeeekend.

On Saturday I woke up and I was so tired, wow I felt like the weather but wanted to be indoors. Which I did. I stayed indoors all day, ate food and just stayed at home with my homeboy lol. I also watched the second season of “always a witch”, and finished the first season of “I’m not okey with this”. On the week, I also watched all of the documentary “trials of Gabriel Fernandez murder”. I watch a lot of Netflix, and amazon prime. I have periods I must say, but I do watch a lot of crap combined.

Sunday I had a more productive day. I woke up late tho, I needed that sleep. I don’t sleep well during the weekdays as I for some reason feel like I’m gonna miss my alarm? Yes I know, give myself more head ache.

I started my day with some admin or just one thing to do. Made sure I left my place a bit tidy, wash some clothing and left my work stuff washed. I’m ovulating so I’m hungry at the moment, I was eating good stuff yesterday. Also made this lovely plantain bread. I will post the recipe later on this week.

After I went gym and pumped my body a bit. It felt good.

I will be writing a lot this week. I’m off from work, took some holiday last minute and thought reward myself with a trip. A bit of sun, beach and culture. Need some time to recharge and feel a bit while again. Sounds really harsh but I have felt very drained lately and a bit lost when it comes to certain relationships in my life. I’m quite arrogant and can come across as I don’t give two flying donkeys. I do, I care a lot but I also care massively for my wellbeing. My state of mind and how balance I want to be is so much more worth. Unfortunately, there comes a time in your life when you just think of yourself firstly and also how I want to represent myself for my children in future. I need good energy, I need good people around me and I need to work towards having good soils around me. And we working I mean, doing my bit of being a good person to other people. In that sense I’m selfish, I can cut off easily because I want to feel light on my shoulders and a negative weight isn’t my option. Been there and done it and didn’t feel good about it.

I will be writing so much so exited. I love just writing down anything my brain thinks of. I don’t expect anyone to follow my ways, copy me, or see me a certain way. This is my unique platform where I share as much as I feel safe sharing.

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