From Women To Women

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Day 2 in Barcelona and I feel very much grounded. I have been doing what I like to do. No stress, no solid plans, just me and my little back pack strolling around in Barcelona.
I took some holidays from work and just needed to get away and see a different surrounding for a few days. The “little things you sometimes have to do, to just get some head space.

I came in the afternoon yesterday and took a stroll to the city after I dropped off my things at my relatives.

I have been doing me and today I booked a yoga class, deep core and yes it was deep core indeed but good because I have put extra hard work for my core. I don’t need to have a 6 pack, but just strong enough.

I went to The Yoga Sanctuary for women and it was a beautiful little studio, boutique style. I booked myself via ClassPass and it only cost me 4 credits. I will put the address below.

The class was in Spanish and I have never had a Spanish yoga class, not because it is something completely different but I haven’t and I needed to make that clear. The teachers do speak english, and the owner is English so it’s all fine.

The studio was beautiful and I would definitely recommend it, I would come here if I lived here. It is not far from the city centre.

The Yoga Sanctuary
Carrer de l’Equador, 7, 08029 Barcelona

Tomorrow I’m seeing a friend for some food, I hope we can find some nice tapas. I have been eating alright here. Vegetarian or vegan, I walk a lot and haven’t been to the beach yet. I have done some shopping but nothing extra just a pair of trainers. I will show them later.


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