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How are my days here so far? Pretty chilled. Yesterday I spent the late hours in the roof with my female cousin and just spoke about life and it felt good seeing her getting confirmation of her own thoughts while talking.

I will talk about what we talk about as it is something I have been thinking of and also experiencing similar as her but in older age and different stage of life. 32 soon to be and 25 soon to be, and both Libra’s. Yes a young libra is YOUNG and not the same five years later. At least myself.

I will show pics now. Haha

I have walked a lot in Barcelona and I got a pair of new shoes. Bit uncomfortable you know. But here they are…

I love them so much. Honestly they are so pretty. I wasn’t a trainers girl at all but recently I’m just craving a bit more. Chunky ones rather 🙂 chunky petite hahaha

I’m just having a spirulina unicorn latte at a lovely tiny coffee shop here. Jump off in Universitat and the place is called Vegan Bowls Barcelona. The reason why my post is random like the others.

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