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Home with my man, who missed me so much. Yesterday I landed and was home within an hour, super quick. I went home to get ready as I was invited to a birthday for our friend.

I was wearing a pair of black jeans, trainers and this old lace top. It is my mums from the 90s, it looks ok. I sometimes look forward to be comfortable more than all trendy and high heels and pains. Trainers are like heels in London so, it is more about who have the coolest trainers. I know, super geeky but I’m on that wave. I just found trainers more and more nice to wear. Anyhow.

Today we have been jamming to the max, ate for 4 people after waking up super hungry. I’m still in bed now and we have been honestly not being doing much. It feels like a Sunday but I’m glad I have an additional day off.

My eyelashes have grown so much, I have been using a lot of castor oil AND the fact that it is March and they always have their season this time. Nice. My cousin was like wow for tony eyes you eyes lashes are long, and I was like yesss. I use very little make up more and more, my skin needs constant breathing. My skin is still ok, and honestly I feel much better without than with. Mascara doesn’t agree with my eyes and I have never used eye drops until the last week.

My hair is braided in small braids but I always make them a little messy when it comes to the end. This is my all time hair style, I love it and everyone seems to like it as well. I will be sharing some nice Afro hair tips later, I have been good to my hair and this year… the challenge is to keep it moist, healthy, shining, fuller, less brittle and yes basically better.

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