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I’m sitting here in bed listening to Juls, one of my favorite AfroBeats artist. Gonna post the song I obsessed with atm, I don’t like to listen to sad artist honestly. Not all the time, just when it is REALLY needed.

It is just such a lazy day but I have been productive even though I feel lazy. I did some food prep and made a good vegan pasta.

This pasta was just good. I’m so happy that I have a new love for roasted peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. I just love it all.
The recipe is simple and done it seconds.

I used Doves gluten free pasta, flamed roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, oat cream, jalapenos, red onions, spring onions, mushrooms.

I firstly fried the veggies, and mushrooms added after, added some herbs and added the cream. When it comes to taste, it is up to you.
I just want to share the simplicity of vegan food without all these bloody chickpeas that mess up my belly. All I see everywhere is tofu tofu tofu, beans, chickpeas, and I’m here thinking, tofu can’t be the only thing vegans wanna eat? Soy is SHIT. People who eat non-organic or consume too much tofu: mind your hormones. I don’t touch soy, I know, I’m a petty lady.

I have made this batch of food because I’m back to normal tomorrow and will push myself harder to eat better (just stop having coffee really haha), get back more to my yoga. I did good going to yoga in Spain. I was happy. So having food pre made at home, can be boring but so much quicker to deal with when you spend most of the time at work. I also bring my food prep for my lunches at work, leave them in the fridge and don’t have to carry or remind myself of food everyday.

We also made some nice nachos with this salsa. We always make nachos during the weekend, and it is just something to enjoy with your boyfriend. I have so many things with Craig that it is just us, we love this way and we BOTH love coriander. Yes, my coriander lover.

My post dont make sense sometimes but my traffic is flowing and flowing in. I’m happy that you love to see what I’m up to, I love you being noisy and I love the fact that there is traffic here.

Here is song tho, before I leave like nothing. I listen to mainly Afro beats, and I just can’t find it more soothing for the ears. Mmmm.

This is one of my GYM tunes.

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