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I never know this area where my family in Barcelona lives. I have been to the same area since 2005, they just basically moved building. Since I have been visiting them, the place has become better. My cousin wanted us to visit a place where you can basically chill, exercise and just look at the big view of blocks.

It is pretty new but people always trash things quick.

All the pictures look the same haha but I do like them.

The only problem with this place was the wind, if it is windy it is not nice to sit there and enjoy. Hot weather rather.

It is funny but the area where they live in was “recently” created due to a wave of foreigners moving to Spain. But the flats are so bad planned and small, not practical at all. It kinda reminded me of the flat we lived in back in Sweden, wow it was just waste of space and bad planning. Like why is it needed to have a long 2 meter corridor? Anyhow. So I got the answer I always wondered, why are these Spanish flats so small?

I’m going to Barcelona soon again. I’m gonna make my little get away place, I’m tired of Sweden. Proper boring as well. But need to make one or two more visits to Sweden this year.

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