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Working from home is not really glam, it is harder because not all the software are compatible with my Mac and yariyariyari. Long, and our little desk we have created at home is not ideal. I don’t understand how Craig can sit here for hours studying, I just can’t even sit down and work and my back is killing me. Posture correction is like, my daily activity. Head up, neutral ass and no duck ass, shoulders down, more straight profile, and yeah it is honestly daunting to have back problems.

Anyhow, I have to be fair and say that it is ok in some ways working from home. Yesterday I baked a plantain bread, cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, and some other bits. I did so much and I was happy because it gave me some life. I hate seeing our living space all messy and things all over the place when we work and barely at home.
Craig is another petty person, we need to have our space tidy most of the times. I deep clean everything, with bleach. I know, I’m trying to use lemon juice and apple cider vinegar most of the times but sometimes you need that hard core chemical. You need it.

Yesterday, I also spend some hours dancing in the room to some Afrobeats and some home-gym. I’m trying to give my body more flow, less tight hips, and I have found some dance moves that helps. I love dancing and wow, endorphins all over. Thankful for the ability to move my body, the ability to listen to great music, the ability to feel good music. Gratitude is a must.

These two days that I have been working from home, I have taken my cup of coffee and myself for a little walk before I start answering emails. It is because I usually walk with my coffee to work and get some fresh air before digging into work. Working from home, you stay in and get lazy. These days I have taking myself out with a cup of coffee and enjoyed some sun. Them little things matter.

Now I’m gonna wrap up and tell people to stop bothering me and start their holiday. I’m done, my back aches and I want to drink red wine.

A quick catch up. I know you wanna know.

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